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This portal will be removed

In IBM’s effort to continue to streamline and simplify navigation for our customers, this Ideas portal will be shut down on February 28, 2023. We would ask that you use the main IBM Ideas portal at or the IBM Security-specific portal at to review, vote for existing ideas, or add new ideas.



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Bug Fix: Federation Metadata produced by Verify SaaS is considered invalid

Within the Admin portal, after opening the configuration page for an Application, on the right-hand side, there is a hyperlink which produces a federation metadata XML file. It doesn't appear as though that feature is working properly: The Organiz...
16 days ago in  1 Not under consideration

ISV - Reporting Enhancements

Could we have more flexible reporting capabilities in the ISV? It would be more beneficial if we can choose the fields (i.e. email, userID, username, etc.) from the profile or custom attributes when we run reports for MFA activity, application aut...
about 2 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Support MDS3 for FIDO attestation

ISV supports MDS2 for FIDO attestation. The industry has moved to MDS3 thus making it difficult to find the old MDS2 metadata.
3 months ago in  0 Under review

Add the macro @TENANT_URL@ to the email template user_account_locked_email.xml.

Around October 2021, as a way to improve security on password account lockout, the brandable email template user_account_locked_email.xml was introduced. Custom labels such as $CONFIG.emailingLogoUrl$ work fine her, but the macro @TENANT_URL@ was ...
about 1 year ago in  0

Ability to disable Maas360 Login for specific device types or operating systems.

We want to be able to exclude a number of device types from the Maas360 login. Those device types should be directly redirected to the default login operation, in our case an external IDP. The aim is to improve the user experience for those device...
4 months ago in  0 Under review

Admin UI enhancements

It is very difficult to add several users to a group (bulk add or remove) There´s no information on the current amount of errors, we can´t track if a users has triggered a reset password email for example, user editing should be easier. Also it wo...
about 1 year ago in  0 Future consideration

Send email on forget password for inexistent account

When you forget your password the flows asks for your username. Once entered you are sent to a page were you are asked to look into your email account for a recovery link. But if there is no account, no email is sent. I would like the option to co...
5 months ago in  2 Future consideration

Use Verify SaaS as 2FA for users login to Windows 10 workstations (including offline use case)

Use case is: user opens his laptop and types in his password, then does MFA with Verify SaaS to get into his workstation. The login when the workstation has no internet access should also be managed (offline use case). Customer wants to secure loc...
over 1 year ago in  2 Future consideration

Allow multiple TOTP enrolments for one user

When we try to enroll a second TOTP for a user we get the error A user can have one TOTP enrollment only. Modify the existing TOTP enrollment instead of creating a new one. We want the API to support multiples enrolments for one user.
about 2 years ago in  2 Planned for future release

Add support for Bridge [for Authentication] to read User Profile attributes without requiring JITP to be enabled

As of Version 1.0.12, IBM Security Verify Bridge [for authentication] does not read user profile attributes unless Just-in-time-Provisioning (JITP) is enabled. This means when a user is signing in, and they do not have an MFA registered, Verify Sa...
3 months ago in  2 Future consideration