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Ability to customise SMS message with OTP without templates

For PSD2 banking requirements, customers will need to be able to send an SMS that contains additional runtime data including the OTP. An example message might be:

"Here is your one-time passcode 123456 for transaction ABC-123-DEF-456."

Currently the templates don't support having additional custom data/text into the templates. Furthermore such a requirement might require exposing custom macros for customers to insert the runtime values and UI considerations.

The {{/v1.0/authnmethods/smsopt/transient/verification}} body could be something like:

"otpDeliveryMobileNumber": "+61420790443",
"correlation": " otp",
"message": "Here is your one-time passcode @@PASSCODE for transaction ABC-123-DEF-456."

Consume the message variable as optional.

Where *ABC-123-DEF-456 * would be dynamically inserted into the body.

  • Guest
  • Apr 15 2019
  • Delivered

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