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Social Login identity link agains a configured attribute in the directory

Now if you want to use social login out of the box you need to use the email as username. And it will only allow to do the identity link with the social network using that email. We should be able to configure one or more user attributes and social identity link should be done against any of those.  This would allow us to keep using the document number as username and social login with more than one provider where the user used different email addresses
  • Guest
  • Sep 10 2019
  • Planned for future release
  • Nov 11, 2019

    Admin response

    This idea is something we will consider as part of our roadmap in 2020. We will likely reach out for clarification when the time comes. Thanks for your suggestion!

  • Guest commented
    30 Sep, 2019 09:36pm

    The idea would be to use the email attribute instead of the username.
    Allowing to use another value as username.
    It would require uniqueness on the emails of course.
    Phone number could also be used, as some social networks use this instead
    of email for identification purposes.

    On Mon, Sep 30, 2019, 18:10 IBM Security <> wrote:


  • Guest commented
    30 Sep, 2019 09:09pm

    What additional attributes would be used to link a user. It is not consistent which social providers, not to mention those a require additional consumer consent to approve the use of those attributes. Email is given as part of the ID token, but additional attributes must be requested, meaning the end user could revoke that right.

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