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GET /v2.0/Users API only returns a MAX TotalResults of 2500 entries

Here is the requirement:
• I want to pull all users who have Attribute X with Value Y

• The GET /v2.0/Users API only returns a MAX TotalResults of 2500 entries

• Since we have millions of accounts, how can I programmatically find all accounts that meet my requirement as opposed to just 2500?
• Is there a different API that I should be using?
• Or, how can I change the API totalResults default value (i.e., I know that changing the value will result in a slower response)

Actual Command that I am running:
GET >>

•This requires the following:
"totalResults": 2500,
"startIndex": 1,
"itemsPerPage": 500,
"schemas": [
"Resources": [

• Even if I remove the filter parameter all together, the API only ever returns a max totalResults of 2500

Since the API supports Paging, I tried making the startIndex 2501 to essentially start getting the next batch of 2500 accounts; however, that just returns the following:

"totalResults": 2500,
"startIndex": 2501,
"itemsPerPage": 0,
"schemas": [
"Resources": []

  • Guest
  • Oct 30 2019
  • Not under consideration
  • Nov 12, 2019

    Admin response

    We agree that this is absolutely needed to effectively page through all users. We will align this for sometime in 1H 2020 and respond back when we have more definitive dates.

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