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Support OIDC Session Management, Front-Channel Logout and Back-Channel Logout Specs


  • We have multiple applications (Relying Party - RP) which use IBM CI as their OP (OpenID Connect Provider)
  • The RPs are a mix of both Single Page Application as well as Full Stack Applications (i.e., both Web Server and App Server)
  • The RPs rely on the ‘prompt=none’ OP offering to provide a pseudo-single-sign-on since the RPs do not share a common session between each other.
    • This means that each RP obtains and manages its own ID, ACCESS and REFRESH Tokens



  1. User, with a fresh session, goes to RP A. User asks to log into RP A and is directed to OP via Auth Code Flow (with PKCE)
  2. RP A obtains ID, Access and Refresh tokens for the User and allows the User to perform X actions on the site.
  3. User finishes up on RP A and browses over to RP B.
  4. RP B leverages ‘prompt=none’ via Auth Code Flow.
  5. The OP sees that the User’s login session is still valid, it responds back with the requested tokens (e.g., ID Token)
  6. RP B allows the User to perform Y actions on the site
  7. The User finishes up and wishes to Logout [See below for questions regarding logout]


Without support of the OIDC Logout Flows mentioned above, User Single Logout implementations become one-off, hokey solutions. However, if the OIDC Specifications above were supported, we would be able to leverage a common Logout pattern.


These specifications are supported by a majority of the major Cloud Identity Provider offerings (e.g., Azure, AWS Cognito, etc...).

  • Guest
  • Feb 7 2020
  • Planned for future release
  • Guest commented
    11 Mar, 2020 02:45am

    While we identify the best approach for OIDC back-channel and front-channel logout, we will be implementing an alternative that allows for a session ID to be included in the JWT and introspection access token for customer-side management.

    We will keep this epic open in the long term to implement this later in this year or early 2021.

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